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Products are suitable for fine chemical, water treatment, semiconductor, circuit board, pharmaceutical, new energy and electroplating industries
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Datong's strength advantageOne stop serviceYou are the right choice

Scale advantageTailor the right solution for you

Nearly 10000 square meters of national,standard class A and class C warehouse。

There are 18 50m3 storage tanks in totalElectronic design of material technology。

Management advantagesProvide cost-effective supporting products

Using DCS and SIS automatic management system to manage。

The whole plant implements ISO9001 / ISO14001 / OHSAS18001。

Technical advantagesGuarantee the quality of high quality products

We have establisheda good cooperative relationship,with the College of chemical engineering。

Provide comprehensive and high quality technical solutions。

Service advantagesProvide you with 24-hour technical consultation

Provide testing service。

7 * 24 hours storage and transportation service。

A 120 ton weighbridge is set up in the plant to facilitate vehicle weighing。

About DatongGuangdong Datong Chemical Co., Ltd.Dao Zhijian forge ahead!

Guangdong Datong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a diversified company engaged in chemical reagents, electronic chemicals, electroplating chemicals and water treatment. Over the past ten years, it has established a good and stable cooperative relationship with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as ammett, Foxconn, Dow, Samsung, BYD, P & G, etc., and enjoys a high reputation in the Pearl River Delta and surrounding areas . We have established a good cooperative relationship with Sun Yat sen University…

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Qualification certificate ● Do every detail carefully
Strict quality assurance system and strict environmental certification
Enterprise Exhibition ● Continuous technological innovation and Capacity Upgrading
Specialized in chemical reagents, electronic chemicals, electroplating chemical, water treatment diversified companies
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